About Green Citizens

The overall objective of GREENCIT is to demonstrate how environmental policy can be interpreted and implemented into concrete citizen-oriented actions, which motivate and help citizens to change their behavior.


Three specific settings have been selected:
individual apartments in residential areas; jointly used waste management areas in residentialblocks and the intra-city-region mobility system.


Within these settings we will set up a number of actions, which aim to demonstrate methods and techniques that inspire and motivate people to change their behavior and become part of a process towards more sustainable city management policy and governance.


The methods that will be used aim to optimize the combination of innovative technology and communication methods in an urban environment, and to demonstrate, test and evaluate how new technology and design together with new methods for communication can enhance environmentally friendly behavior in different settings: individual flats in residential blocks, waste management in residential blocks and the intra-city transport system.

New techniques and methods which can help to monitor individual behavior and which at the same time also provides the individual with feedback that gives him/her motivation to act in a way that is of benefit for the environment, will be demonstrated.