Final conference

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On Thursday, 12th February the final conference of Green Citizens of Europe took place. The hundred people who attended the conference got to listen to lectures as well as song and dance entertainment.
The event began with dancers in green costumes who took to the stage. The dance show was conducted by the Ballet Academy in Umeå. The dance performance was followed by a film viewing. The film about Be Green Umeå directed by Martin Jonsson summarizes the project's most central parts in 17 minutes. Alexander Ståhle, CEO of Spacescape, gave a talk about the future state of traffic, where he defined a smart city as a place with high interaction at low cost.
After the break with a nice snack buffet, Elin Pietroni, director of comprehensive planning Umeå Municipality, started by giving a local character based on urban planning and transport, and how we can work with behavioral impact. The project's success formula and results were presented by Caroline Mattson, Traffic Consultant Trivector, as well as how many citizens Be Green Umeå has reached out to during the project.
Project activities will live on
The most successful activities and investments were passed on to Umeå Municipality and other partners through a concrete handover. Those who will be responsible of the following are:

• Air Quality Demonstrator - Margareta Green Palo, Environmental Health Umeå Municipality

• MCC (Green Room) - Margareta Green Palo, Environmental Health Umeå Municipality

• Bicycle garage at the airport - Ibrahim Al-Turk, Umeå Airport

• The web service for car sharing - Erik Sedig, Umeå Region Office

• Test traveler Activity - Lars-Eric Lindbergh, Umeå Municipality Businesses

• Park & ​​Bike - Lise-Lotte Lundberg, UPAB

• The website - Charlotte Lundqvist, Strategic Development Umeå Municipality
The afternoon ended with a lecture by the moderator of the day, Mattias Goldmann, which he chose to call: car, fuel and behavior - here comes the ketchup effect. Then the gospel choir Triumphant Gospel Choir from Mellansel College finished off by performing the song "Oh Be Green".