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In November 2014 one longer and six shorter films were made, who summarizes the project Green Citizens of Europe. As the project draws to a close, the films are something that can live on and be helpful for the future. Therefore they are good tools that show what happened during the project period.

World Premiere
The longer movie which is 17 minutes highlights the various project activities and was first shown on the project's final conference in Väven on February 12th. In addition to employees of the project partners, co-financiers, participants in various activities, elected officials and other stakeholders speak about their participation and their views on the project.


Two of the six short films, 2-3 minutes each, were also shown at the conference. The short films highlight the various work packages and have been named there after. All of the short films: Motivation and awareness, Clean neighborhood, Joint commuting, Sustainable living and housing, Commute and bike and Air Quality Demonstrator have been published on the project's Facebook page. These are meant to be spread easily through social media to reach out to the public.

The films are directed by Martin Jonsson who worked in the project during November last year.

You can find the films on our YouTube Channel.