The project enters its final month



The project Green Citizens of Europe is coming to an end. The 4 ½-year project makes its last day on March 31 2015.


The project team is working at full speed until the very end. The month of March is filled with many exciting activities. Among other things, the car sharing campaign will come to an end and be followed up. We will give a lecture at Vindels Folkhögskola about how students and teachers can become more sustainable in their everyday lives. We will also go to Lycksele and give a presentation about our work. The days around Earth Hour the project invites the public in to the office. We will offer refreshments to those leaving an environmental pledge for the year.

Before the end of the project a final report will also be completed. A more readable summary of the project in the form of a booklet (called Layman report), will also be written and printed for all to take part of. A so-called Afterlife plan will also be established, which will describe what happens after the project ends.