Car sharing campaign at Rådhustorget

, Joint commuting


On Saturday 28th of February the project was at Rådhustorget in central Umeå to comfort as many lonely motorists as possible. Our campaign car was crying out loud on the square. The project group stood around the car to spread the conversation about car sharing and the benefits available with our car sharing website. At the same time, we distributed handkerchief packages with the message of the campaign. Many visitors stopped by and wanted to know more.
Why was the car so sad?
The car was rigged with a speaker that played a man who was crying. He did this because he was so sad to have to drive all alone. The message was that if he would have had company in the car, he would have been happy. With that starting position, we asked citizens if they knew of any lonely car drivers that could need comforting.
It was a successful day with many nice encounters and conversations about sustainable travel. The handkerchiefs were very popular and were distributed all around. Many got themselves a good laugh but at the same time the message came through - if we share rides instead of driving alone in the cars, we have much to gain - we save money, we are more environmentally friendly and we will not be sad!