Final report on Hazardous waste activity

, Waste collection in private households


During three years, 2012-2014, an activity to encourage increased sorting of hazardous waste in private households was been carried out. The purpose of the activity was to investigate how cost-effective information and service initiatives could increase the sorting of hazardous waste. Now the results are compiled in a final report.

The background of the activity is based on the fact that a lot of the hazardous waste today ends up in household waste which causes adverse effects on human health and the environment. Umeå municipality has adopted an ambitious target that no hazardous waste should be found in household waste in 2020.

To achieve that goal requires both knowledge-enhancing measures among the public and also extended service and availability in the collection of waste.
To find ways towards achieving the goal Be Green Umeå together with UMEVA and AB Bostaden has carried out the activity of sorting hazardous waste in two residential areas in Ålidhem, and a control area in Umedalen.

517 apartments on Språkgränd and Matematikgränd in Ålidhem have been visited by waste informers.
Residents at Matematikgränd have in addition to information also got retrieval of their hazardous waste at the door four times a year.

The results show that the number of households who sort their hazardous waste has increased by 31 percent on Språkgränd and 45 percent of Matematikgränd.

More about the approach, results and conclusions of the activity can be found in the Hazardous Waste Report.

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