Clean Neighbourhood

How do we get more households to recycle their hazardous waste and how we get a cleaner Umeå where residents feel more responsible for our public spaces? These issues are central to the action "Clean Neighborhood".


The purpose of the action is to demonstrate solutions specifically designed to motivate good environmental behavior on waste management. Another part of the measure is to strengthen citizens' sense of belonging and the public environment. How can we in a medium sized, modern Swedish city create a stronger sense of belonging where littering, graffiti and vandalism is reduced.


The expected result is reduced littering in public places, increased quantities of recycled hazardous waste compared with the total amount of waste and increasing awareness about recycling.



Waste collection in private households



How can we use information and improved service to increase residents' sorting and recycling of hazardous waste? As the Umeå Municipality has adopted a zero tolerance on hazardous waste in 2020, measures are required to facilitate Umeå residents' recycling to achieve the goal.

The measure aims to investigate the effectiveness of various solutions for waste management. A pilot project is done in residential Ålidhem in Umeå.

interactive garbage can



In February 2014 the technology students at Dragonskolan were asked to develop a concept for an interactive garbage can, which will be placed in central Umeå in the beginning of summer.

The assignment was to provide both design and sound clips. The garbage can is the standard model, but will have a sound system with motion detectors under the lid.

Source separation in public places



The project will adapt modern technologies for waste separation for application in public outdoor environment in such a way as to create conditions for effective sanitation from today's demands for cost-effective management.And how these requirements can coexist with the aesthetic requirements of a modern urban environment.