Workshop I & II

The purpose of this work package is to organize two workshops for knowledge sharing,dialogue with stakeholders and dissemination of project findings. One early project in 2011 and the second in 2013.

The goal of these workshops is to present innovative solutions and approaches for sustainable development. The first conference in Turku acted as a kick-off for the GreenCitizens of Europe. The aim was to strengthen the relationship between environmental, economic and social considerations, and create solutions for local authorities,businesses, communities and citizens.

The second conference in 2013 will focus on communication and dissemination of the project and to highlight the progress made. With these workshops, we aim to achieve sustainable development in practice. The conferences organized in such a low carbon footprint as possible.



Solutions 2011



The initial workshop “Solutions 2011 Conference” was organized as part of the Baltic Sea Regional conference/Nordic Council of Ministers conference in Turku, Finland 31/1-2/2 2011.

Gren Citizens used this workshop to highlight and present the innovative solutions and methods that are planned. This Nordic Conference on Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Regionwill work as a kick-off for GREENCIT.

The art of co-creation 2013



The Nordic Council of Ministers conference on sustainable development in Umeå 2013 will be the sixth conference of its kind. The last conference, "Solutions 2011", was arranged in Turku in January 2011. The previous conferences were held in Gothenburg in 2004, Oslo 2006, Odense 2008.

The conference in Umeå will be part of the Swedish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2013.