Commute and Bike

Test and evaluate a new kind of transport service, where the commuting ticket/parking fee includes the rent of a bicycle, with lockable and sheds for connected bicycles at chosen travelcentres (bus, train and airport) in the city-region and on two parking lots in and around the citycentre.


The parking fee will be related to distance from the city centre and all tickets will also include the rent of a bike so that people can cycle to their end destination without losing any time.



Bicycle parking at Umea Airport



Umeå Airport has a clear objective to work effectively with the environment in both large and small issues. An important question for Umeå Airport is building a bike garage.

There are not many airports currently in the world who can give their passengers an opportunity to cycle to and from the airport. Therefor the airport wants is to raise the status of this target group of travelers

Park and Bike



The project will test and evaluate a new type of transport, where the parking fee includes the hire of a bicycle at two selected car parks outside the city center.

The measure aims to reduce traffic in the center. By parking outside the city center and from there have access to a bicycle, commuters can reach their final destination without losing any time.

Bike rental system in Umeå



The project will test and evaluate a bike rental system. These bike-rentals system will be placed close to the selected travel centers (bus and train) in the center of Umeå. The aim is to reduce the number of cars in the city center but also to give visitors and long-distance commuters sustainable travel options.

What´s your most ridiculous car trip?



"No Ridiculous car trips" is a positive mass communication campaign to highlight and reduce unnecessary car journeys. These methods include everything from newspaper ads and billboards to cyclists in the city and give-aways. The strategy is to erode the fact that it is ridiculous to drive short distances. The more times you can repeat the message, the better.

Cycling school for adults



Many people with an immigrant background never had the opportunity to learn to ride a bike, especially women. The purpose of organizing a bike course is that they can become cyclists, and therefore not be dependant on the bus or being driven by car.

The work with bicycle school is an important part of the drive for sustainable travel but there are also significant social benefits.

Pedal for Medal



Pedal Medal is an activity directed aimed at the Umeå region's workplaces. The activity is a further development and adaptation of a bike competition in the workplace. Workplaces in the Umeå region challenge each other in cycling.

Electric bikes on Tavleliden



It was not just bus passengers who started testing the new sustainable commuting on Monday November 8 2010 a bunch of cyclists with electricity bikes also took to the roads.

In this case, they almost flew to work on a nice green comfortable bike

Winter Cycling



The activity resembles the activity test traveler on the bus. Participants agree to cycle to and from work at least three days a week in average during the winter. In return they get the bike equipped with winter tires and saddle protection, and of course encouragement to cycle through the most harsh winter months.

Bike Inspection in central Umeå



During the summer months cyclists in Umeå are offered free bike inspection in the city center. The purpose of the activity is to encourage people to cycle more and safely instead of taking the car. Many bikes are in poor condition which increases the risk of traffic accidents.

Bike rental in central Umeå



To get more people to cycle in Umeå during the summer period Be Green Umeå offers rental bikes to affordable prices. Bike rental is in collaboration with VIVA Work Young, the tourist office and companies that buy and lends bikes over the summer

The European Cycling Challenge



In 2014 Umeå will be participating in The European Cycling Challenge for the first time! It’s a competition between European cities that will continue throughout the month of May 2014. Competition was launched for the first time in 2012 of Bologna in Italy.