Air Quality Demonstrator

Umeå has, as many other cities in Europe, periods with high levels of particles and pollutants resulting in adverse air quality. The biggest source of air pollution is originating from exhausts fumes from cars and traffic. The traffic generates pollution in forms of carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ground-level ozone, just to name a few, these substances has negative effect on both the environment and people's health.


Therefore the aim of this action is to get the car drivers attention on the problem and in the prolongation make them change their travel habits to more sustainable travels.


In the centre of Umeå the air pollution is getting measured continuously every day and every hour around the year, this is being done on a couple of strategic places around the city. With this data we have a unique opportunity to show the inhabitants of the city how the quality of air is changing depending on how many cars that is driving through the city.


The pollution data are going to be communicated in a clear and thought-provoking way with an innovative design of demonstrators. This will raise the awareness of the inhabitants for the subject that Umeå sometimes have too




Visualizing i the city centre



The measurement values ​​are visualized and communicated in a clear and thoughtful way with an innovativedemonstrator. This will increase the awareness of residents and make them aware that their behavior can directly affect air quality depending on how they behave.