Sustainable living and housing

About 40 percent of the energy consumption in Europe is being used for living and housing. With that in mind it is prioritized to find tools and methods that make it easier for the general resident to save energy.
The objective of this action is to demonstrate new interactive energy-saving systems in residential areas. Associated partner number 2 in this project - the building company Bostaden - will work with new citizen-interaction technology in a demonstration residential area in Umeå.

The demonstration area consists of 30 multi-apartment housing units with about 530 flats (about 1 % of the city total residents) in total. Parallel with the renovation of the existing 400 flats 130 newly constructed low-energy houses in the area. Each flat will be outfitted with separate energy and hot water displays with flexible user interface.

The objective of GREENCIT is to use this whole residential area (both new and renovated) as a demonstration site for optimizing and evaluating new communicative models and methods, which aim to motivate tenants to reduce the overall use of energy.



Individual measuring



Individual measuring of electricity and water in apartments encourages tenants to cut their energy consumption. By placing meters in the apartments AB Bostaden can study how visual design and interactive communication can encourage tenants to participate in cutting their building’s total energy cost.